SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Last Updated: 25th November 2020

1. SLA

1.1. We hope that our services will be up for minimum 99.95% of any given month. In the event that services become unavailable for more than 0.05% of any given month, a customer may request to be compensated if they have been affected.

1.2. Our SLA only covers interruptions for these services:

  1. Minecraft Server Hosting

  2. Discord Bot Hosting

  3. VPS Servers

  4. Web Hosting

1.3. Our SLA only applies to the following interruptions:

1. Unplanned maintenance

2. Network failure

3. Hardware failure

1.4. Our SLA does not apply to the following circumstances:

  1. Planned maintenance – We will announce all maintenance on our website

  2. Interruptions caused by the client

  3. DdoS or DoS Attacks

  4. Customer network issues

  5. Service Suspensions

  6. Any interruptions caused by weather, natural disasters or things which are out of our control.

1.5. In the event that a client is to claim via our SLA, the terms are below:

  1. For every 1 hour of downtime, we will provide an extension to the affected service, rounded to the following day.

  2. Customers must open a ticket in the billing department within seven days of the downtime happening to claim an extension.

  3. All SLA claims will be investigated, fraudulent SLA claims may result in your service being terminated.

  4. We reserve the right to deny a SLA, it’s decided at our sole discretion.

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