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Secure Servers

Secure ServersOur servers have top of the line security to ensure your data and files are secure, all the time.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable PricingWe want you to have access to our reliable hosting that doesn't break your bank account.

Top of the line support

Top of the line supportOur staff are specially trained to deal with any enquires or questions you, or our clients, may have!

99.9% Uptime

99.9% UptimeThe only downtime you'll ever experience is planned maintanence! All of our node statistics are public.

What we offer

Minecraft Java Hosting

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MC: Bedrock Hosting

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Garry's Mod Hosting

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Our testimonials

Great service! I have used plenty of Minecraft hosting platforms but they always feel like they are being run off of a toaster. AtlasNode has a great modern UI, support, and fantastic servers for your needs. I could not recommend enough!

AtlasNode has really surprised me straight after starting to use them. The service quality is great, and I feel like I have finally found a provider that I can trust. Generally speaking I'd say AtlasNode is a 9/10 for me. Support could be a little better, but otherwise I really like Atlas as it is currently. Keep up the great work.

what can i say i just started using these guys they are super friendly and willing to help with any issues and there servers are top quality and for a great price i very much recommend them only issue you might get is that they are in the EU in im Canada so time zones are a little messy to work around but they do a great job at it

AtlasNodes provides the best quality services for a bang for the buck price. The support is really good. The company seems like it'll go far with it's ventures due to the management teams mojo and upbeat attitude towards the whole company.